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Uncovering the World of Craft Beer through Exploratory Experiences

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I'm Laura

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a lager and an ale? What about all of those acronyms like ABV and IBU? Are you for certain that you wouldn’t like a beer that is dark in color? Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur looking to expand your horizons with Colorado’s signature beverage? Does the rich variety of craft beer seem overwhelming? Or simply, you are just curious about which beer pairs best with an English Stilton cheese? Do you have questions about the craft beer industry or beer in general?

If so, Craft Beer Uncovered has specifically designed experiences for the curious and inquisitive souls who are interested in learning more about craft beer.  The best part? There is no such thing as a ‘dumb question’. 

Laura Bruns, former owner of Factotum Brewhouse in Denver Colorado, dreamed up, created, curated, designed and now teaches these exploratory experiences in an effort to open the craft beer door to a wider audience. 


She was inspired after encountering several duplicate questions from her customers in the taproom and overhearing many common misconceptions while frequenting other breweries.  She employs her MA in Curriculum and Instructional Design to lay the framework for an effective and entertaining class and supplements the knowledge with her Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing from Regis University, her Cicerone certification, and status as a  BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) craft beer judge. 


She has hosted a variation of these classes and events, reaching over 500 learners in the local community and has also been invited to share her expertise on the national level for large corporate staff events.  Her teaching style centers on creating a learning atmosphere that is low key, friendly, no pressure, and FUN with the importance focused on building confidence within the craft beer consumer.

Additionally, she was chosen to be a mentor to aspiring brewery owners in The Brewer's Association Mentorship Program,  she has drank beer in over 31 different countries around the world, became a self-educated turophile and is a Physics teacher on the side.

Craft Beer Educator With 15 + Years of Experience

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The Craft Beer Uncovered Experience

Common Topics

Craft beer lingo, the 4 main ingredients of beer, common abbreviations (ABV, IBU), defining and refining your palate, the nuances of styles, the world history of craft beer, including oft-unknown history of women in beer, proper glassware for different styles, pairing food (sweets, cheese or savory foods) with beer


Discussions within the class format can take many wild and fun paths as these sessions allow for flexibility to meet the needs and interests of the attendees.

Topics can be specially curated and/or combined to create the perfect experience for your group. whether that is virtual or in person. 

Beer pairing dinners with local restaurants and caterers have been organized and even  a series of craft brewery bus tours in the metro area. 

The options are wide open!


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Denver, Colorado

Current Ticketed Events

An Evening with the City of Denver Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Town Hall Collaborative
Denver, CO
August 31
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